Publications & Products about Dual Enrollment

Reports and Peer-Reviewed Publications

Report to the North Carolina General Assembly: Career and College Promise: Dual Enrollment Opportunity Study

Hutchins, B. C., Arshavsky, N., Edumunds, L., & Rosof, L. (2023). Why Do Students Participate (or Not) in Dual Enrollment? Early College Research Center. Greensboro, NC. 

Edmunds, J. A., Unlu, F., Phillips, B., Hutchins, B. & Mulhern, C. (2022). CTE-focused dual enrollment: Participation and outcomes. Working Paper. 

Edmunds, J.A., Grebing, E., Coyle, V. & Rosof, L. (2022). Addressing inequity: Expanding access to college-level courses for high school students. Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 27: 4.

Dual Enrollment Data Dashboards

Products from Dual Enrollment Conference

In September 2021, the Evaluation of CCP Partnership hosted a conference on Dual Enrollment: Accelerating Educational Attainment with over 1,000 registrants from North Carolina and around the country. The conference was free of charge to attendees and there were a total 40 sessions across two full days. Conference presentations were organized into five themes: expanding access and equity, fostering college attainment, ensuring a successful transition to college and careers, preparing students for dual enrollment, and supporting success in dual enrollment courses.

  • View all the sessions on YouTube.
  • Read the  blog post published by the Institute of Education Sciences about the conference.

The Partnership will host another conference in 2023. Stay tuned!

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